!craccounts [action] [tag] [name]
!cracc [action] [tag] [name]

What Does it do?

Using this command you can add accounts for the streamer.
Royale Alchemist will default to these accounts when chatters don't provide any info of whose stats/decks/... they are looking for.


You need to be a moderator to use these commands.


  • Add an account that has a player tag of #VPU8G.
!craccounts add #VPU8G
  • Optionally, you can add with a custom name. For example to add an account with player tag #VPU8G and preferred name Clash With Ash:
!craccounts add #VPU8G Clash With Ash


It's highly recommended to add all your mini accounts as well.
Royale Alchemist can automatically look at last battles of streamer accounts and switch to the account you're currently playing with for commands like !rank, if you have multiple accounts.
This feature is smart and still uses your first account for commands like !pb.
You can enable this from the Settings.

  • Add an account that has a player tag of #G9YV9GR8R at the position:/pos: 2 of all streamer accounts.
    If you don't use pos:, the bot automatically adds the account to the end of your account list.
!cracc add #G9YV9GR8R pos: 2


For example if a viewer wants rank of your second account, they can use !rank 2, and in this case the bot will lookup the accounts by the position you've given.
You can also use the number 0 to get info of the last-used account, like !deck 0.

  • If you want to edit the name of an account with tag #VPU8G:
!cracc edit #VPU8G Clash With Ash
  • You can find out which account the streamer is currently playing on.
    Note that you should to add all streamer accounts to Royale Alchemist first, so the bot can take a look at them:
!cracc lastActive

This command is helpful for when you moderators want to set up a title-updater task, but don't know which account the streamer is using.

  • You can optionally use the below command to automatically update all account names if the streamer has changed some of their account names:
!cracc recheckNames
  • Royale Alchemist keeps track of entered streamer accounts' GT/GC/CC/20win-challenge wins and losses and uses that when possible, for example when using the !crtitle command to set up a wins-loss counter. You can manually change the state of each account by using !cracc changeState #[palyer_tag] [battleType]: [wins] [losses] like so:
!cracc states edit #VPU8G gt: 8-0
  • You can also see the state of an account:
!cracc states show #VPU8G
  • You can set the league number which the account is in, as well:
!cracc states editLeague #VPU8G 8

this sets #VPU8G's league to league 8.

  • You can manually ask Royale Alchemist to update states of all streamer accounts immediately, if needed:
!cracc states update

Responses look like this:

Successfully added new account with tag '#VPU8G' and name 'Clash With Ash' at position '1'