Viewer Commands

  • Decks: Find Opponent's Deck
  • Rank: Find Player's Current Rank and Trophies
  • To Rank: Find Player's Trophies Needed to Reach The Next Milestone in The Global Leaderboard
  • Match: Find out how much trophies players will gain/lose after a match
  • PB: Find Player's Personal Best Trophies and Highest Finish
  • Last Season: Find Player's Last End-Season Rank and Trophies
  • Badges: Find Player's Badges, Best Ladder/GT Finishes and GC/CC Wins
  • Chests: Find Player's Upcoming Chests
  • Clan: Find Player's Current Clan
  • Leaderboards: Find Players Ranks in The Global/Local/GT Leaderboards
  • Link Maker: Get a Link to In-Game/RoyaleAPI Page of Tournaments, Decks, Players, etc...

Moderation Commands

  • Title Updater: Automatically Updates Stream's Title With a Counter When You Are In a GT/GC, or With Your Trophies/Rank When You Are Playing Ladder
  • Mastery Farm: Automatically Does a Mastery Farm Countdown Every 5-6 Mins So Viewers Can Farm Masteries Together
  • Streamer Accounts: Manage Streamer's Accounts Known to Royale Alchemist So It Can Default to Streamer Accs When Retrieving Information About Players
  • Settings: Manage General Settings of Royale Alchemist For Your Channel
  • Commands Settings: Add/Remove/Disable/Enable Royale Alchemist Commands
  • Help: Want Help Right in The Chat? This Simple Commands Will Be Handy For You
  • Other Commands: A Collection of Other less-important Commands